A - Is cause you're Always there for me.
B - Is cause you Brighten every day.
C - is for your Caring ways
D - is for all the things you Do for people
E - Is for the Emptiness you fill
F - Is for being the best Friend a person can have
G- Is for the Greek in you
H - Is for your Heart of gold
I - I is for all your great ideas
J - Is Just because you're you
K - Is for your Kindness
L- Is for brightening up my Life
M- Is for the Many people you've helped
N - Is for Never turning your back on anyone
O - Is for Our great partnership
P - Is for Picking me for a friend
Q - Is for supporting me without Questions
R - Is for Reminding me life can be good
S - Is for the Smile you put on my face
T - Is for the Talks we've had
U - Is for Understanding me
V - Is for the Voice I can't forget
W - Is to say I Will always be there for you
X - Is just a kiss for you
Y - Is for Your friendship I couldn't live without
Z - Is for Zervoulia, the best friend in the whole world.